CVS Health Benefit Extras

CVS offers you with CVS Health Benefit Extras i.e. a totally customized program and provides exclusively negotiated rates on a number of programs such as identity protection, auto and home insurance and many more. The most interesting thing is that the premiums for such sort of specially negotiated plans can be paid through the payroll deductions. So, this is safe, easy and convenient for your budget.

Instant Auto Quotes

If you want to shop for auto insurance, you can make use of a new auto insurance quote comparison instrument. You can also obtain real-time, side by side rate quotes to search the policy that can best suit your requirement and budget.

Discount Shopping

This is interesting to know that now you can have the benefit of saving on your different favorite products and services by making use of CVS Health Discount Center. You can also obtain amazing discounts deals on gifts, electronics, entertainment, clothes, travel and many more, the entire at one suitable location.

Available Everywhere

The new mobile portal of CVS allows you to track and manage your chosen benefits at your home, workplace or almost worldwide you can get online.

Sign up to access your benefits

  • This is an integral part of CVS Health Benefits Extras so, you can access your entire compensation package as well as your specifically corporate discounts here.
  • In order to access different benefits, you simply have to confirm your employment details such as your employee id, first name, last name. After this, you will be on your way.

You can access your CVS Health Benefits Extras now.