CVS Values in Action

CVS Values in Action Recognition program

CVS Caremark program was made is mainly because they want to innovate the approach of many pharmacies in promoting health to individuals.

Work quality of an individual can be affected by his or her health, which is why CVS Caremark created the Values in Action to cope with such issue. The provider shows appreciation to employees who’re effective and passionate in their work. One deserves a recognition and this is an important move to keep your colleagues motivated to do better job. This will make Values in Action very substantial.

Steps to Open CVS Values in Action Online

You can access from your office, home, or on the go via your mobile or desktop devices. In the office, you could use the myLife, myHR and RADAR (for CVX/pharmacy stores) lines.

Accessing CVS Values in Action Program

Logging in to your account will allow you to see your needed content. A few features are also available in the company network. You may us the Single sign-on or SSO to accomplish this. Be sure you are already signed on before you could seek the program you need if you are a user of the Single sing-on in the company network.


Be well guided regarding how to access your CVS in Action program account:

Visit your program’s home page

Sign in to your account with your User name and Security password.

Before signing in, click the ‘remember user name’ box if you’d like to sign in instantly next time.

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